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EPIC Good practices: the “Among equals” initiative in Madrid

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (SSF) has been working with migrants since 2010. From legal advice to development cooperation or job placement, SSF works on interdisciplinary actions, aimed at promoting social change through political advocacy, awareness, training and applied research.

In the video below, they share with us the work they do on emotional education and social issues for a more cohesive multicultural society through their project “Among equals” (Entre iguales). Funded by the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the project looks at how to empower through participatory sessions with young people, conscious citizens. SSF meets with the educational team of the High Schools to design, based on the group needs, the priorities, activities and materials for the sessions. Topics may include problem-solving techniques, cohabitation, promotion of respect within the family or among peers, emotional education, social and political participation, social mentoring. Formal and informal assessments through surveys and face-to-face consultations are done to evaluate and readjust the sessions. In culturally diverse societies, it is paramount to understand and respect others, and to have the resources to better solve social problems we find in our way. Non-curricular education can offer complementary powerful resources to understand complex societal challenges.

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