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Integrating cities MAP


In this video, local stakeholders in Sisak explain the main actions they implement to welcome migrants based on their needs and a participant shares his experience of starting a new life in Sisak with the support of the local organisations. 

  • Nejra Kadić Meškić, the executive director of the Centre for Culture and Dialogue, emphasises the importance of collaboration between the public sector and civil society to achieve better integration practices and policies for migrants and refugees. 
  • Paula Raužan, the president of Local Democracy Agency Sisak recalls the universal bonds between people, whether they are migrants or natives of the territory where they live. All residents aspire to the same rights, needs and desires: to have a job, a safe place to live, and to create social links with different members of the local community. 
  • Yunus Emre arrived 1 year before in Sisak. He shares his experience of being a newcomer in this city. What he explains is that learning the language allows him to interact with the local population and become part of the local community. 

These testimonies provide inspiring messages about the need for a human rights-based approach to building more inclusive, safe and resilient societies where no one is left behind.

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