The Municipality of Brescia is a partner of the LAB’IMPACT project, the regional plan of interventions implemented in the Lombardy region for the integration of third-country nationals.

The objective of the project is to strengthen and consolidate a system of multilevel governance, through a partnership that sees the Lombardy Region as the leader and a network of implementing subjects made up of 35 territorial units, implementing the interventions at local level and in turn leading the territorial networks. 

In this context, The Municipality of Brescia has created the Front Office for Migrants’ Network to help migrants renew/request a residence permit, file for paperwork to reunite with their families and other paperwork related to their stay in Italy. The Office also helps migrants identify which local services they need to contact for formalities linked to their stay in Brescia, Italy. The network gathers the different front offices run organisations from the third sector in the city area in order to offer the same services for free. 

The Municipality of Brescia selects partners through a call for tender and manages all activities for the project in a centralised way. Other stakeholders involved include the police station and the representative of the central government. The network of the offices act as a facilitator between the stakeholders and the migrants in order to solve problems, facilitate the different requests and find solutions. The Network operates since 2011 and has received different local funds  and funds like the Asylum Migration and Integration funds otupport this practice. 

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