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Greek language programme to boost 80 asylum seekers’ self-reliance and integration into Greek society

Greece, a country located at the external borders of the European Union, continues to receive refugee and migrant arrivals although the numbers have significantly decreased since the humanitarian emergency of 2015-2016. The key challenge for the Greek society at present is to support and facilitate the integration of those who have received international protection in the country to the benefit of the host communities and the refugees themselves. 

The Municipality of Ioannina in cooperation with the University of Ioannina and with UNHCR’s support recently started the implementation of a Greek language programme focused on developing functional language skills for 80 adult asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection, with the overall goal to facilitate the socio-economic integration of the programme beneficiaries’ into Greek society. In the framework of the said courses, those groups will be provided with the possibility to develop the basics of the Greek language, acquire communication skills in Greek, learn and become familiar with the Greek history and culture.

This programme is considered an innovative initiative since it is implemented by local authorities along with university institutions.  It will increase the beneficiaries’ prospects towards self-reliance and support them in becoming active members of the Greek society. 

More information at  https://www.ioannina.gr/ 

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