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In Between Words: Cultural Visits in Lisbon for migrants by Jesuit Refugee Service Portugal

In a quest to help migrants learn Portuguese and Portuguese culture and traditions, we organise several activities per year for migrants to practice the langue with students. Last held on April 6th, we are proud of these activities as they help migrants learn with a practical take on the methodology. Our methodology lies on the practical side of the visits. The fact that they go to these cultural sites and see people who explain and guide them on these sights motivates them to learn and better understand.

The “In Between Words” Project aims to help users, especially, the entire population of immigrants and refugees, to better communicate in Portuguese.

After a success edition in 2020, the programme is now structured into different learning actions:

  • literacy;
  • initiation to Portuguese;
  • Portuguese culture and democracy with a complement to sociocultural itineraries.

We will evaluate the participant’s language levels, in order to improve the benefits gained from the different actions, with a view to develop and deepen their knowledge of Portugal. Portuguese culture and democracy activities will also complement the other activities mentioned above.

A technical pedagogical manual will be drafted as a result of the work developed throughout the different actions, which participants will also be able to use after the end of the project. Launched in June 2020, the project is scheduled to end in December 2022. We are proud of this initiative and delighted to see immigrants’ smiles and bright eyes and their motivation to learn more. This drives us to improve every day!

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