The Municipality Brescia – a city in Northern Italy with up to 19% of migrant population – is successfully managing migrants’ inclusion and integration process through the work of a network of voluntary associations and operators, called the Network of Migrant Desks. It consists of six voluntary associations:  Offices for Foreigners of ACLI, CGIL, CISL, MCL, UIL, and the Centre of Migrants. Each of them works closely with migrants helping them to obtain legal status in the country, providing supportive measures and services (such as training, internship, job placement, etc), as well as facilitating effective communication and dialogue between the migrant and the Municipality, police and Prefecture. The Network meets regularly to discuss formal practices of immigration in order to find sustainable solutions and tackle problems together. 

The EPIC partner Association ADL Zavidovici, works closely with the Municipality of Brescia as well, and provides career guidance for refugees in the territory.

Our way of working is to always put the migrant individual in the focus. It is important that the person feels he/she is at the centre of many networks, all working for the goal of his/her integration”. says Madalena Alberti – Director of Association ADL Zavidovici.

Watch the video summary below to know more about the Network of Migrant Desks and the Career Guidance for Refugees in Brescia

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