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How to maximise the potential of a diverse society? Challenges and opportunities in Belgium

Published on 19/11/2020

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Diverse ways of thinking can inspire creativity, drive innovation, and bring new insights to address things from a different, perhaps more efficient, perspective.

Max project partners believe that migration makes places more diverse. It certainly can create new challenges but also important opportunities. To make such opportunities a reality, diversity needs to be properly addressed and managed at the local level, encouraged not only by community-led initiates but actively supported by all the actors who live together in a society (public administration, private sector, schools, neighbors’ associations, etc.). MAX is also convinced that ensuring the integration of newcomers is critical to support prosperous local development in Europe.

With their local DDFs they aim at having a joint discussion to learn how migration can benefit the socio-economic development of our European societies

The Belgian online DDF, organised by European Professional Network (EPN) will take place in English and will be composed of two online events:

2 December 2020 from 2 to 3.30 pm CET:

“How to maximise the potential of a diverse society? Challenges and opportunities in Belgium”. A panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities of migrant’s integration in Belgium. This event will be open to everyone who is interested.

Download the Agenda

3 December 2020 from 10.30 to 12 am CET:

“Maximising integration in Belgium”. A counseling session addressed to migrants in Belgium. Participants will be able to ask practical questions about their integration in the country and get counseling. This event is only upon invitation. If you are a migrant in Belgium and wish to participate, please send an email to Raquel-Bello Gomez  <raquel.pinto@epnetwork.eu>

During the panel session, the audience will have the possibility to hear about the main challenges and opportunities that migrants bring to Belgian cities; which societal challenges can be tackled at the local level thanks to grassroots initiatives supporting diversity and by hearing the experiences of migrants and refugees themselves to have a joint debate on how we all can cooperate to remove the still existing barriers towards a fully inclusive society making the most out of its diversity.

Register HERE for the first session on 2 December at 2 pm!

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