Art has No Borders! Art has No Colours!

Sep 28, 2020

The Epic partner Symbiosis, in collaboration with Collectif Mazi presented this month of September the Borderline Offensive: laughing in the face of fear.

Funded by the Creative Europe Programme, Borderline Offensive is a platform for artistic research and art-based societal development. European and Middle Eastern artists explore issues of migration, sociological contact zones, intercultural conflict and dialogue, collective identity-building, and community cohesion in contemporary Europe through new artistic creations.

On September 14 they held a workshop and exhibition on art, humour and activism in cooperation with the Institut français de Thessalonique. The objective was to discuss art and change, exploring through short videos how art and humour work for equality, against urban segregation, about the movement black lives matter and making plans for future local art projects. Humour (aesthetic approach) and participatory arts (methods) were employed to guide interaction, dialogue, and cooperation between the migrant and host communities, inviting its members to share knowledge, respect and laugh together, at the same things and at themselves.

The exhibition “Art has no Colour” has a deeper, symbolic dimension: Art exceeds, composes, unites. It exceeds borders, it has no boundaries, it is universal. The exhibition reflects on the work of artists who, focusing on their true artistic flair, raise questions and concerns to the public on the relationship that each of us maintains with the environment around us. Art offers to society the opportunity to look at itself and observe daily life from a different perspective. The observer can, therefore, understand better or perhaps feel uncomfortable with what he discovers about his relationship with himself or with the universe.

See the video here.

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