Jan 19, 2023

The EPIC project was presented as good practice example of good at the OECD NETCOM meeting

On December 14, 2022, the OECD NETCOM meeting, organised around the theme “Strengthening Resilience of Migration Communication in Times of Crises”, was hold in Paris. The Network of Migration Communication Managers (NETCOM) brings together communication officers and policy advisors working in OECD member governments, alongside interested stakeholders, to discuss the objectives and challenges of communication in the field of migration and integration. It is a space for NETCOM members and friends to share their experiences and learn more about resources on integration.

On this occasion, our EPIC partner AEIDL was invited to share with the national delegates, the project’s experience as an example of good practice in building a communication partnership at the local level. The workshop embarked participants through the EPIC’s journey from deconstructing harmful messages about migrants to developing and implementing local communication campaigns addressing specific issues in each territory. Participants listened different perspectives on migration narratives, the various tools and techniques that can be used to counter stereotypes, misconceptions and false news and thus foster a positive public attitude towards newcomers. The workshop also provided an opportunity to share reflections on the challenges and opportunities for local authorities in informing on migration and integration issues and policies, and on how collaborating with other actors such as local civil society organisations has helped to fill some of the gaps and strengthen the outreach of their alternative narrative campaigns.

This last point enabled to opened up a wider discussion with the participants, in which they reflected on how these partnerships can be beneficially extended to other levels of governance, such as the national or international level, as well as on the possibility of inviting other key actors, such as the media, or opinion leaders. 

For more info about NETCOM, you can discover the article about EPIC and other inspiring initiatives here : https://www.oecd.org/migration/netcom/

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