EU Global Diaspora Facility call for applicants

Oct 21, 2020

Diaspora are powerful agents of development thanks to their unique transnational understanding and mobility. Historically, however, dialogue and collaboration have been fragmented, with emphasis on bilateral cooperation.

With the objective of closing this gad, The EU Global Diaspora Facility (EUDiF) is the first EU-funded project to take a global approach to consolidate efforts on diaspora engagement for development.

EUDiF supports all actors in the diaspora-development ecosystem to engage and collaborate more effectively with each other. To do so, they have now launched a call for applications for capacity development and diaspora expertise!

In a nutshell, these two parallel operational mechanisms have the following objectives:

1/ Capacity development: Via the Capacity Development Lab, EUDiF will develop capacities to empower diaspora organisations in Europe and partner countries to enhance collaboration and improve enabling environments for development. Full information is available in the application guidelines.

2/ Diaspora expertise: Via the Diaspora Professionals 4 Development (DP4D), EUDiF will facilitate direct support to partner countries via short-term virtual and/or onsite assignmentsof professionals from the diaspora in key development sectors. Full information is available in the request guidelines.

Applications (in ENG, FR, SPA, RU or ARA) should be submitted via the website by 16 November.

For more information see the flyer below or contact with any questions.

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