Jun 29, 2022



Pomerania, a region in northern Poland, adjacent to the Baltic Sea, includes several big Polish cities, such as Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. These cities are known under one common name: Tricity. Pomerania region, and especially Tricity, is one of the fastest growing regions in Poland. The area is known for attracting new businesses and specialist work force. This is why the regional investment promotion agency has established its office in Pomerania and runs several programmes such as Live More. Pomerania, Jobs@Pomerania, and Come2Pomerania. These programmes are aimed for new arrivals and migrants to help them get settled in the region, find job and/or build a business.

Marta Siciarek from the Office of the Marshall of the Pomeranian Voivodeship explains that the aim of the programmes is to make sure that after the migrants arrive to Pomerania know where and how to find a job on their own. The Voivodeshipis using its power and instruments to intervene and provide alternative solutions to commercial mechanisms by offering a tool connecting employers and job seekers directly. For instance, before the migrant goes to the Employment Office and presents the CV, he/she gets assistance by the Voivodeship to prepare relevant documentation. At the end, the CVs get inserted in to the Come2Pomerania database that operates as a local recruitment platform.

The programmes are also aimed to solve some specific social issues. Marta Siciarekpoints out that: “The migrants need to be able to be employed at full pay, men and women alike. Moreover, we want to make sure that they do not work below their qualifications”.

In order for the portal Come2Pomerania to become attractive to employers, it is important that a large number of CVs will be placed there. Thus, facilitating networking become crucial. Promotion and communication are equally important. All these aspects are in the process of being developed and enhanced, which is the long-term goal of the programmes and the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The Invest in Pomerania initiative has proven its effectiveness over the last decade helping more that 150 companies to spread their wings and create over 20 000 new job vacances. The website is a well-established platform offering comprehensive information for migrants on how to get settled in the region. It runs informative webinars and answers any question they may have.

Aleksandra Moszynska, BSS Promotion Project Manager at Invest in Pomerania concludes: “Come2Pomerania was created by our team. Being a migrant myself, I know perfectly well what migrants need in this country and in this region. What questions they need answers to: concerning legislation, searching for employment, everyday life. Answers to all these questions can be found on our site.

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