The EPIC local alternative narrative campaign in Sardinia

Feb 23, 2023

The EPIC local communication campaign carried out by the Region of Sardinia and Studio e Progetto 2 in 2022 was divided into five events, each coinciding with a significant international day. By utilising public spaces, each event was an opportunity to connect with and motivate the local community, generate enthusiasm and raise awareness of the challenges faced by migrants in Sardinia.

The campaign used creative and entertaining methods to achieve a lasting impact and targeted the young generation in particular. The renowned cartoonist Bepi Vigna created illustrations with slogans that captured the essence of the campaign. Vigna’s artwork was also used to produce selfie frames, t-shirts, postcards, bookmarks and posters, distributed by ACLI’s civil service volunteers in several cities in the region or displayed in static advertisements in the city buses. In addition, the institutional website and the thematic website of the Sardinia Region informed about the events, raising the visibility and outreach.

The first event, held on International Women’s Day in March, used the slogan “Live free, free to live” to denounce the specific discrimination and prejudices faced by migrant women. On this occasion, the Councillor for Labour, Alessandra Zedda, delivered a speech expressing support for migrant women and calling for increased efforts for their inclusion at all levels, to work against all forms of violence and in favour of rights and freedom.

On International Workers’ Day in May, the campaign conveyed the message: “The exploitation of labour cancels out human dignity?”. The campaign was launched simultaneously in several cities across the region, including Cagliari, Sassari, Iglesias, Pula, and San Giovanni Suergiu. Giunta Solinas, the President of the Region, addressed all workers, regardless of gender, age or nationality, highlighting the need for an inclusive society that recognises the contribution of all:

“We strongly believe in an inclusive society, in which, with everyone’s effort, it is possible to enhance the contribution that all women and men without distinction of nationality, know and can make, both in life and in the labour market”.

In October, the campaign took place in observance of two significant international days: the International Day of Non-Violence and the International Day against Human Trafficking. On the International Day of Non-Violence, the campaign spread build around the slogan “No one is a stranger to humanity”. High school students participated in a competition on the issue of labour exploitation, as part of the Region’s broader efforts to promote a culture of non-violence and raise awareness among citizens, especially the younger generation. On International Day against Human Trafficking, the campaign called “Civilisation does not allow chains” aimed to combat stereotypes, prejudices, hate speech and anti-migration narratives.

On International Human Rights Day in December, the campaign conveyed the message “Equal in dignity and rights”. This initiative involved high school students in a round table discussion on human rights, and the President of the Sardinia Region reaffirmed his commitment to promote and defend human rights. The aim of the campaign was to reduce inequality, promote equality, and respect differences to build a more equitable and sustainable society.

Overall, the EPIC local communication campaign carried out in the Region of Sardinia was a successful five-stop journey that effectively used international days to raise awareness of the issues migrants face and promote more inclusive societies. The use of illustrations by Bepi Vigna gave the campaign a unique and visually appealing aspect, while the involvement of high school students helped to promote a culture of non-violence and raise awareness among the younger generation. The campaign was a good example of how public authorities and civil society organisation can work together to create more inclusive society and combat harmful messages about migrants and migration.

For more information, read the press releases of each event:

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