ADL a Zavidovici was founded in 1996. The ideal framework of our association draws its natural inspiration from the initiatives of some citizens united under the “Coordinamento Bresciano Iniziative di Solidarietà”. In 1992, during the Yugoslav Wars, those volunteers organised humanitarian aid activities and rescue operations for the protection of the local people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, they figured out a way to host part of the refugees in Italy. Since then, the bond with Zavidovici has been strengthened over the years.

Later on, the main focus of our activities shifted specifically towards reception and integration projects for refugees in Brescia (both in the city and the hinterland). Since 2009 ADL is an official managing body for the SPRAR, the protection system for asylum seekers and refugees run by the Ministry of the Interior. Projects have been activated in different years partnering the municipalities of Brescia, Cellatica, Calvisano, Passirano and Collebeato.

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