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Established in 1988, the European Association for Innovation on Local Development (AEIDL) is a multicultural and multilingual non-profit organisation specialised in:

  • The coordination of and technical assistance to transnational networks and initiatives of the European Union;
  • The dissemination of knowledge and methodological tools at European level;
  • The study and evaluation of European programmes and policies.

AEIDL started managing networking activities under the first EU-funded LEADER programme (1991-93) before running the ‘European Observatory for Rural Development’ under LEADER II. AEIDL provided technical assistance to DG EMPL to support mutual learning in the European Social Fund for ten years. Currently, AEIDL is part of several major joint ventures, such as the Fisheries Community Platform (FARNET) for DG MARE across 21 Member States, the Contact Point for the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD), a third one that monitors LIFE projects and communicates about the LIFE programme, or another one where AEIDL, as part of a consortium led by Deloitte, works for the prestigious fi-compass communications and capacity-building contract for the European Investment Bank. In the field of migrants integration AEIDL leads the European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network (EMEN) and the Young Migrants Capacity Building (YMCB) projects and it is part of the large consortium of the Maximising Migrants Contribution to Society (MAX) project.

Patricia Martinezpma@aeidl.eu

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