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City of Lisbon


The Lisbon City Council is the politically elected Local Government Authority of the capital city of Portugal, which has the political responsibility to develop and approve the Strategic Planning Options and respective Annual Budget, in order to promote and safeguard the interests of the local residents and those of  the City, namely in the domains of: (a) Urban equipment; (b) Energy; (c) Transport and communications; (d) Education, teaching and vocational training; (e) Heritage, culture and science; (f) Leisure and sport; (g) Health; (h) Social care; (i) Housing; (j) Civil protection; (k) Environment and basic sanitation; (l) consumer protection; (m) Spatial planning and urbanism; (n) Municipal police and safety; and (o) External cooperation, within the administrative limits of the Municipality of Lisbon, a very vibrant, multicultural, highly cosmopolitan, open and rather safe and tolerant city, which is strongly committed to combatting all forms of, social discrimination and exclusion.

Joana Teixeirajoana.teixeira@cm-lisboa.pt

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