Giovanni Licheri

Cooperazione Studio e Progetto 2

The mission of the Social Cooperative Studio e Progetto 2 is to pursue the general interest of the community, with human empowerment and social integration being its core values. We believe in change, in people’s continuous development and in their ability to go far in life.

We focus on:

  • community development and wellbeing, with special attention to the most fragile and excluded members of our society;
  • the development and diffusion of information and orientation systems as tools for personal and social growth;
  • the development of participatory democracy, both internally and in local communities;
  • the development of job opportunities for people at risk of professional and social exclusion.

Our 4 main thematic areas are:

  • Service management and implementation of inclusion projects targeting fragile or vulnerable people (young and elderly people, people at high risk of social exclusion, foreigners, etc.)
  • Educational and professional guidance services for students and workers
  • Consulting services for local authorities
  • Management of library services and cultural animation activities

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