K.I.T. - Kultur im Turm e.V. (K.I.T.)


Gianna Gardeweg


Based in the old water tower at the central train station in Oberhausen, kitev is collaborating with other artists Europe-wide to transform the area into a vibrant quarter – using art and culture. Following a renovation, largely stemmed by the association itself, the tower hosts events, workshops and workspace for creative people from all over Europe. In kitev’s work, participation is a crucial principle and culture is a fundamental dimension of sustainable development. Recently, kitev has been testing collaborative working methods. ‘The easiest route does not interest us’, they say. “It is more difficult to be, work and think together, without a common language and in unequal preconditions. But we actually already live in the future society, where inclusive and empowering structures are central.” As a result, there are projects: Refugees’ Kitchen, Refugees for Co-Creative Cities, Mehr [als] Wohnraum, WITH! International Forum, Oberhaus, Forum Regionum, OB_RHAUSEN and others.

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