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Narrative Migration: Creating nuanced communication campaigns.

EPIC Webinar - Migration narratives: how to design a communication campaign to promote a more nuanced public opinion on migration. The EPIC project aims at identifying good practices and developing local communication campaigns highlighting the benefits of local integration, building positive narratives and counteracting negative stereotypes towards migrants' communities that put them at risk. The objective of this webinar is to learn from four different campaigns promoters their lessons learned and recommendations to design, implement and monitor alternative or counter narrative campaigns aiming at overcoming wrong stereotypes and prejudices against migrants. SPEAKERS: Daura Vera, from Juntas En la misma dirección ("Togethers in the same direction"), presents this initiative and its activities, including the Tenerife Anti-rumors Strategy in Spain. Agata de Latour, Intercultural and Language Trainer, explains the case example of the 'Migrant'scène' festival in France organised by La Cimade and addresses the current highly polarised debate about the crisis at the Polish Belarus border and how the media, the government, NGOs, and CSO shape different communication campaigns about it. Dina Moreira, Office project and coordinator of the Municipality of Amadora, presents the Do not feed the rumour and the Rumourless Cities Tranfer Network, implemented by the municipality of Amadora in Portugal. Madeleina Kay, Social Media Campaigner at the Media Diversity Institute, speaks about the Get The Trolls Out project tackling hate speech and disinformation targeting religious minorities in European media and online. MODERATOR: Patricia Martinez, Project Manager, AEIDL The video is available in English with subtitles in DE / EL / ES / HR / IT / PL / PT in the setting options

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