The NGO Symbiosis based in Thessaloniki aims to promote democratic participation in social and political processes without discrimination and exclusion.

In this video, Despina Syrri, the director of Symbiosis CoE School for Political Studies in Greece presents some of the activities that the NGO is carrying out in Greece.

In 2014, Symbiosis, in collaboration with the Council of Europe, established the School of Political Studies in Greece, which focuses on the challenges that arise for democracy and its institutions.

In addition, through their Intercultural Integration Academy representatives from different Greek municipalities discuss and share approaches to addressing diversity.

Symbiosis also implements the Council of Europe’s programme to promote the linguistic integration of adult migrants in Ioannina and has carried out a programme for the development of educational skills as well as the implementation of language teaching.

In 2020, the organisation provided an online seminar and awareness-raising events on the linguistic integration of migrants and refugees were organised and attended by teachers from Ioannina.

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