EPIC Project

What is the EPIC project?

The European Platform of Integrating Cities (EPIC) is a 3-year project funded by the European Union – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) which aims to improve the integration of migrants at local level by creating an European network of Local Authorities (LAs) and their implementing partners (NGOs) that will A) share knowledge and best practices of TCN’s integration, B) engage in peer-to-peer exchanges based on common priorities and different expertise,  C) implement efficient integration practices within local territories and D) develop capacities to counter the negative narratives on migration.

Based on the transfer of knowledge and competences among Local Authorities and NGOs with different degrees of experience, EPIC supports a direct and gradual practical learning to improve integration practices in each city targeted by the project. 

Our objectives:

  • Form a network including LAs, NGOs, and European-wide Associations and their Members
  • Understand the priorities of LAs on migrant integration
  • Promote a LA-driven peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and practices through meetings and job shadowing that pairs LAs with different experiences
  • Equip LAs with expertise to implement pilot projects in their territories
  • Promote networking beyond EPIC with partners that can support migration integration
  • Promote local-to-local cooperation among LAs
  • Address issues of media and negative narratives on migration, and develop the capacities of LAs to counter them with evidence-based and impactful discourses
  • Improve the integration of migrants at local level
  • Create a European dimension of migrant integration

Our results

LAs and NGOs of the EPIC project will reach a more efficient management of TCNs’ integration thanks to a permanent and sustainable EU-wide network for the exchange of best practices on migrants’ integration beyond the EPIC project. The project will ensure the improvement of services for migrants on the ground of each targeted LAs, and finally the bottom up approach of the project will involve local citizenship to reflect about what was learned and will bring to a mind-set change towards a more inclusive society.

Our activities

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