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Job Shadowing

The EPIC project carried out a matchmaking activity to pair each city in the project (normally composed of one local authority and one NGO) with expertise in a sector relevant to the priorities identified by another city that needs support to improve their capacities in the same area. The matchmaking activity was based on an 8-month research analysis that resulted in the publication of the EPIC “Unsettling integration research report” in 2020, and the subsequent identification of priorities for each partner according to that baseline analysis.

This capacity building activity, where partners shared practical and technical information, tips and knowledge, had as a main component a job shadowing city-to-city exchange. The videos below illustrate the different EPIC cities good pratice that were shared during the job shadowing and that are generating the basis for transferring successful integration services to another territories through the 8 pilot projects EPIC is implementing during 2022.

Click in the links below to learn more about what the EPIC cities are offering to make housing, education, employment or the cultural sector more accessible to their new neighbours.


The Network of Migrant Desk & the Career Guidance for Refugees in Italy. By the Municipality of Brescia and ADL Zavidovici.


Rebuilding together and making Oberhausen a home for all. By kitev and the Municipality of Oberhausen.


Ensuring equal access to career opportunities for migrants in Pomerania. The Metropolitan Area of Gdansk.


Inclusive education and intercultural activities for a vibrant and welcoming Sardinia. Studio e Progetto 2 and the Municipality of Sardinia.


Good practices in migrant and asylum seeker integration in Greece – The Municipality of Ioannina and Symbiosis.


Good practices in migrants and asylum seekers integration in Madrid. By Solidaridad Sin Fronteras.


Good practice in migrant integration in Lisbon – A comprehensive support for accompanying newcomers by JRS Portugal.


Welcoming Croatian new neighbours and working for an intercultural society. The municipality of Sisak and JRS.
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